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Welcome to French Class

French Class is a place where you can get linguistic services linked to French from anywhere in the world, including conference interpreting and translating. It is also a physical place in French-speaking Belgium where you can get highly specialised foreign languages tuition, home stays, residential French courses, short to medium term accommodation, newcomer coaching and help settling in the country.

Are you looking for interpreters that guarantee you the best available quality of service for your international event or meeting?

Do you need a document translated from English, German, Dutch, and Italian into impeccable French?

Are you looking for a smart way to combine residential language training with leisure and personal development activities?

Do you wish to learn French in a French-speaking family?

Do you need private or small group language classes for a special purpose (political, technical, professional, legal, relocation, public presentations…)?

Are you an ex-pat in Brussels and not quite knowing how to go about the many aspects of this new life?

Are you an interpreter wishing to add French as a B or C language?

French Class probably has a good solution for you.

For more ideas and examples of how you could make the best use of our services, browse through our pages. We particularly recommend our lists of clients and their selected comments.

Our driving force is to keep adapting to our clients’ needs and wishes, within this website as well. So, if you have any suggestions to make about its ease of use or content, please do not hesitate to send them to us, even if you are not yet a registered client.