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A place To Stay Near Brussels


Whether you take our residential French classes or whether you are simply looking for a short to medium term accommodation, we may have a place for you:

The small stutio flat is situated in a leafy village in the countryside 35 km from Brussels city centre, near the university and fully pedestrian town of Louvain-la-Neuve and at a wingspan from Hergé’s house, the father of the famous Belgian reporter and national hero, Tintin.

The easiest way of getting there is by car, but it is also accessible by bus, train, taxi. It is 4 km from the nearest train station and shopping area. The house is on a slope and regrettably, it is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

The flat available for rent for newcomers to Belgium or for trainees has the following features:

  • Suited for one person,
  • Attached to the family main building, which is a South-facing bio-climatic wooden house,
  • In a quiet and secure area,
  • Well-equipped, down to cutlery and bed linen

Minimum duration of stay: 3 months


Lease Terms And Conditions

Prices are in Euros,
The sign « /h » means « per hour »,
The sign « /m » means « per month »

Base price Euros 435 to 500 depending on length of stay
Includes : flat, basic furniture, kitchen utensils, share of garden, running water, council tax, garbage collection tax, fire and storm insurance, electricity
Heating, choice between :  Gas
45/m (if reasonable use)
Garden shed  shared
   full rent
Language tuition varies, ask for quote
Coaching about living in Belgium and beyond 30/h
health and wellness, administration, red tape, travelling, socialising, tourism, getting to know people and places, help finding a job, finding activities/sports, night life…
Sharing of family meal 10/h (non dividable)
Servicing of flat 10/h
TV set (Channels connection to be arranged by tenant) 25/m
Share of land line set and connection 12/m
Stereo system 15/m
Supplementary furniture/equipment ?
Lift to Ottignies 9
Lift to bus stop 3
Car pooling to shopping area 8
Car pooling to Brussels 15
Use of washing machine and powder 3
Use of drying space 1
Rental guarantee 500 euros
To be paid back upon departure less costs of possible damage, insufficient cleaning or any costs due to the flat and the garden being left in a state less good than upon arrival.


Rental guarantee to be paid on reservation and contract signature (non refundable in the case of cancellation on the client’s part), full rent for leases up to three months to be paid at least two weeks before moving in. For longer stays, anticipatory payments to be made every third month.

Lease interruption
2 months notice on both sides, except in the case of payment failure of more than 3 days or blatant breach of basic rules of living in good terms: expulsion is immediate with no refund.

For a copy of the basic rules, contact us

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