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Translation And Other Language Services


At French Class, we translate from English, German, Italian, and Dutch into French.

All subject areas are welcome, even the most technical.

Our recipe for success is teamwork : when required, translators work with specialists in the field so as to find out as much as possible about the background and thereby avoid many of the mistakes seen in many cut-price translations. Furthermore, all our translations are checked by a proof-reader. The typing is usually done by a typist so that the translator can concentrate on the actual translation process.

We only take on work of more than 5 A4 pages and we do not accept urgent assignments.

Prices range from €1 to €1.40 per 60 character line in the source language; they vary according to the source language, the number of pages and the degree of specialisation. Pricing from the source language is a plus for the client for the following reasons: (1) Transparency and peace of mind : you know how much your translation work will cost before it has even started. (2) French words and sentence structure are longer than those of the source languages from which we work. If an agency bills you on the number of French characters, you will loose out in the end even if our base price seems higher. For a quote, please go to contact us.


Why should I choose French Class for my translation work?

For our work method, our pricing method, and first of all, because we are not an agency: you have direct contact with your head-translator, you are invited to keep communicating with us about your expectations and any question or problem that might occur. And because we assume responsibility for what we deliver to you : if you ever find a semantic mistake in a translated text you have received from us, we correct it without extra cost or delay.


Here are some examples of documents translated by us:

- Nouvelle Zélande, Munich/Paris, Bucher Verlag, 1994, 100 pages
- Guide des prêts et subventions de la Communauté européenne, Leeds, Eurofi Ltd, 1995, 1996, 1997, 400 pages (traductions et mises à jour). Cet ouvrage a été évalué à la note maximum par un organisme indépendant
- Rapports de l'Organisation pour la conservation du saumon atlantique, Edinburgh, NASCO Press, 1995, 1996, 1997, 350 pages

If you are unsure about the quality of a French translation, or a text you wrote in French, ask us to read it through and to correct any mistakes in it.


We summarise or synthesize any type of document, taking account of the main elements of a longer and possibly verbose document. We do the tedious job of analysing the masses of information and data and of extracting the essential elements. We reduce them to a percentage chosen by you. Very useful for university students and scientists!


We provide producers with female voice-overs in French and English for documentaries, coverage reports, dubbing. No commercials.

Producers! A smart idea is to entrust your translation, your translation proofreading and your voice-overs to the same person. It is always more effective and convincing to read out loud something you have written yourself and it also works out cheaper and easier for the customer to have an all-in-one service.

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